Debbie Collins FwSS

I have been working as a shiatsu practitioner since 1997. I love working with Shiatsu and energy, as much for the benefits that I gain from it and how it enhances my life.  I’m particularly enthusiastic about:

  • making Shiatsu and energy work as accessible to as many people as possible –  this includes accentuating the simplicity of the principles involved without sacrificing depth and profundity.
  • Integrated Medicine –  how a combination between Eastern and Western medicine can be greater than the sum of its parts and how this is heightened further the more collaboration and communication there is between the two.


I work in a variety of settings and this diversity feeds into my practice:

  • The Shiatsu College Brighton: I am the principal of this branch of the College.  We offer a range of courses from beginners’ introductions to energy medicine through to 3 year shiatsu professional training
  • BrightonEnergyWorks: weekly Qigong classes, monthly Shiatsu practice sessions and incidental workshops covering aspects of Energy Work.
  • Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre: Clinic for people with MS and other chronic conditions.  Treatment is also offered to carers, to ensure that everyone’s needs are supported.
  • Pathways To Health: I devise and run Wellbeing courses for people with psychological and emotional health issues
  • Onsite seated Shiatsu: I visit EDF Energy fortnightly to do remedial Shiatsu as part of the company’s staff support services.

If you would like to find out more about accessing treatment or would like to book an appointment please phone me on 07974 055 709 or click here to email.  I charge £40 per hour for treatments and tutorials.


I started studying massage and Tai Chi in 1984 whilst still as student in Leeds.  This combination led quite naturally to Shiatsu, which I started studying in 1987.  My studies sinces then have included:

  • The Shiatsu College Norwich –  studying with Cliff Andrews for a year
  • Iokai Shiatsu School, Amsterdam –  studying with Peter den Dekker and Elouis Sewell – 1 year