Claire Gilliver FwSS BA(hons)

Claire heads the Brighton Branch of The Shiatsu College. She is a member of the Shiatsu Society UK, and qualified as a Professional Shiatsu Practitioner in 2007. She has a thriving Shiatsu practice in Brighton; specialising in psychological and emotional health. Also practising at Southdown’s Housing Trust, Mental Health Recovery Centre, (previously the NHS) for over 14 years; dedicated to taking Shiatsu out into the community. Her passion for teaching arrives from her ability to make life in the classroom accessible and enjoyable for all. Her teaching style and humour, with background in Fine Art and Design, brings the theory side of the course to life and opens up students’ potential. Claire also teaches Qigong, and brings this meditative ancient art form as a teaching tool in the Shiatsu classroom and workshops.

Claire Gilliver FwSS BA(hons)

Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher

Shiatsu College Brighton

07951 170637

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