Matt Woods FwSS CNHC


Beginning with a long-standing practice of meditation and Yoga, it felt like a natural progression to go into East Asian bodywork.

I graduated from the Shiatsu College professional training course in 1999 in which I studied Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and anatomy, physiology and pathology. I currently practise at the Brighton Shiatsu Centre and in Hove.

I am registered as a Shiatsu practitioner with both the Shiatsu Society and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). My public profile on the Shiatsu Society website can be viewed here.

I am a member of the MoveGB network. My listing can be found here:

Qigong and Taiji:

Since graduating I have also studied Chinese medicine, Buqi therapy, Taiji and Taijiwuxigong (a form of Qi Gong) with the renowned international teacher Dr. Shen Hongxun and his daughter  Master Shen Jin. I am a certified Taiji 37 instructor with the Buqi Institute. I feel this study has deepened and expanded my Shiatsu practice.

Sei Ki:

I have also pursued an interest in Sei Ki, a less structured form of energy work that has been developed from Shiatsu by Akinobu Kishi involving simple  movement exercises solo and in connection with a partner. In particular this approach for me represents a deeper connection in treatment in which the clients have the opportunity to rediscover their own healing potential.

Ear Acupuncture:

I trained in Ear Acupuncture at the Yuan College of traditional Medicine, and have specialised in giving Ear Acupuncture to people with HIV, Hepatitis C, drug or alcohol problems in community projects.

Other experience:

I have spent a number of years giving Shiatsu to people with chronic health issues including HIV and AIDS, M.E. and M.S. Between 1998 and 2004 I practised Shiatsu at the Sussex Beacon, an HIV and AIDS respite and day care centre in Brighton.

I also practised Shiatsu at the Detox project for Brighton Housing Trust working with people with substance misuse problems from 2011 to 2020.

Traditional Chinese (and of course Japanese) medicine forms an important part of an holistic healthcare package and has a long history of treating conditions that are sometimes more difficult for western medicine.


I am trained as a Shiatsu Teacher (registered with the Shiatsu Society). I have been teaching courses in Brighton and Lewes for 21 years.

I taught on the Shiatsu College professional training course in Brighton and London for 11 years as well as beginner’s courses and workshops in Sussex.

I also teach a Qigong class in Brighton on Monday mornings and 3 online Zoom classes


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