About Treatment: What to expect

The Shiatsu treatment consists of a one-hour session of which the actual treatment time is about 40-45 minutes. The first session may be longer in order to look in detail at the client’s condition and take a health history.

The word Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” but in the treatment as well as using our hands we use some gentle stretches and rotations. Shiatsu is a full body treatment and by the end you usually feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

Shiatsu traditionally takes place on a futon (mattress) at floor level, but can be done whilst you are sitting. It is carried out fully clothed so we advise that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and also bring an extra layer (cardigan or sweater) for afterwards.

We require details of any current medication so please bring a list of all prescriptions and if there is any chance you may be pregnant we should know this.

We also ask that you don’t eat a large meal or drink alcohol directly before the session as these can interfere with the treatment process.

After the treatment we recommend that you give yourself space and time to relax and come back to activity gradually when you feel ready. Shiatsu treatments continue to process after the session has finished and this time gives your body and mind the time to adjust more effectively.

The number and frequency of the treatments you may require depends on the nature and duration of the condition. As a guideline clients often start with weekly or fortnightly sessions and becoming less frequent as symptoms improve.

Shiatsu is also a treatment for people who are well. Some people decide to have occasional treatments when they feel they need a boost or rebalancing. At the first session we will discuss your needs and work out a treatment plan to suit you.

Treatment cost is £40-50 per hour. In case of special circumstances, concessions are available by individual arrangement.